I am writing on my recent return from Japan where your company gave me and my partner Monica magnificent customer service.

In particular, your executives listened with great empathy as two bewildered travellers explain the problems we were having with the SIM card purchased from JP Mobile. The company had suggested that you may be able to assist as we had arrived in Osaka and could not get the technology to work.

From the moment we arrived at your premises we were treated with respect and kindness. From warm tea to a short term pocket wifi loan we were given red carpet service. Your team were able to assist us and provided such a positive start to our trip and a massively positive image of your company, your city and indeed your country.

Something we will never forget. Please pass on our regards to your team and to these gentlemen in particular. You are fortunate to have such high calibre people in your business.

Mark Hopper & Monica Fleck, Australia


I relocated to Kobe from Tokyo and searching apartment in a new city with my limited language skills was very difficult. Thanks to Luis, who helped me greatly in a hustle free relocation. I told him my requirements over the email and he knew exactly what would be the best option for me; I finalized the very first apartment he shortlisted for me. I really appreciate his effort to show me the best option.
I had a very specific requirement of low initial move-in cost but was looking for an apartment for a decent rent and proper space for a long term stay. Luis found me a very spacious, bright and beautiful apartment close to my work place. After finalizing the apartment, he followed up in setting up the gas, electricity and water connection. Explained the contract documents and introduced me to rental furniture agencies to start my new life in Kobe as soon as possible.
I am staying in my apartment happily, and I am very thankful to Daiwa Homes and especially to Luis for putting so much effort to find the most convenient apartment. I definitely recommend Daiwa Homes to anybody who is planning to move to Osaka / Kobe.

Aditi, India


I needed to move to Osaka, and it was my first time looking for an apartment by myself. Daiwa Homes has a great and informative website, so I decided to meet the staff. Holly helped me to find the best apartment according to my preferences. Not only that, he also made sure that I wouldn’t miss the apartment by taking action quickly. The process was very smooth and quick. I got a very nice room and was satisfied with the overall services. I would recommend Daiwa Homes to anyone who is looking for an apartment!

Mario, Indonesia


The team at Daiwa Homes are outstanding! Fraser, Holly, and Luis assisted me with finding a rental apartment while I was still overseas in Canada. They have always taken care to respond to all of my inquiries and provide the details I requested prior to finalizing business arrangements. On arrival in Osaka, everything was organized and I was given the keys and personally escorted to the property to settle in. I am so pleased with their level of customer service and quality of the rental unit, that it was an easy decision to extend my rental for a longer stay!

Jahan, Canada


As a foreigner moving abroad and someone who doesn’t really know what they want/need in a home, it was really refreshing to be able to have Holly to help explain everything to me. I was really nervous in regards to finding a place in this beautiful country because at the time I was only capable of performing basic conversational skills in Japanese. But this was no problem with Daiwa Homes. Whilst being toured around my preferred area, despite the fact that I was feeling overly pleased with the places I was seeing (I’m a simple person) and ready to sign a contract, Holly was very open and honest about the negatives of the place (e.g. “It looks nice inside now due to the time of day, but you’ll be missing out on some morning sunshine due to that building across the road” mentioning the big building that I failed to notice until mentioned). After the tour was done, we tallied up the top 3 places on my list and had a long discussion during the drive back about the pros and cons of each. After I settled on a place, Holly was very clear in telling me what the next step was along with what I would need to do once I moved in (such as registering my new address at the ward office). Holly still remained very helpful even after I moved in. On the day of my move, he offered to help me move some of my bulky/heavy equipment via the company car, then when I started receiving letters which I couldn’t figure out for the life of me, he was happy to translate them for me. Overall, I now live in a really sweet home which is in the major city area but which is really quiet at night (thanks to Holly for helping me to find a quiet night-time apartment), very convenient (being placed near my school and close to 24-hour stores and restaurants), and much cheaper than I would have expected for a place such as this. I’m extremely happy with the service at Daiwa Homes. They have gone above and beyond for me and I really appreciate that.

Christopher, Australia


한국인 스탭이 계셔서 일본어를 못 하는 분께는 좋을 거예요! 초기비용 없고 당일입주가 가능한 점이 좋았습니다. 방도 혼자살기엔 적당하고 지하철도 가까워요! 동네 분위기도 괜찮구 창이 커서 해가 잘 드는 게 제일 좋았어요! 와이파이와 욕조! 기초 생필품 및 가전제품이 구비되어 있어서 편했어요. 하지만 청소비용은 청소상태에 비해(더럽지는 않았지만 아주 꼼꼼하지두 않았습니다.) 비싸요ㅠㅠ 그것만 빼면 저는 다 좋았읍니다! 방음 방진 방열도 잘되구요!! 단기로 사실 분들께 추천합니당!

Shin, Korea


How helpful were Daiwa Homes when I arrived from Sydney and needed an apartment in a hurry? Let me count the ways. Within 48 hours I was signed into a terrific roomy 1 bedroom apartment with views out over Umeda. Holly was relentless in his quest to find me something suitable fast as the hotel bills were adding up. I knew the moment I walked into the sixth apartment he showed me that it was The One, and Daiwa Homes took all the admin worry off my hands. But finding the apartment was only one piece of the puzzle. Electricity had to be connected, gas cooker installed, internet hooked up, and a buying expedition for furniture arranged… Everything done seamlessly and with great good humour and fairness by Holly. All subsequent dealings with the Daiwa Homes staff have been a hoot, with special thanks to Fraser and Megan – and when they invite you to one of their social functions, GO, you’ll have a blast!

Abi, Australia


I arrived in Osaka about 3 weeks before starting a new job here, realising there were many things to get ready (bank account, furniture Shopping, etc.). Holly  was an absolute blessing during the search for my new home. He was able to accommodate my needs and showed me places that were spot on my checklist. I finally decided to pick a place based on the beautiful neighbourhood and just passed my first month here in my new home. I now look back in retrospect and wonder how terrible things could have gotten in those first 3 weeks had I chosen not to go into the Daiwa Homes’ office. Thank you for the amazing professionalism as well as dedication to your clients, and I will be sending all new potential clients your way in the coming days.

Winston, Australia


부동산 3곳을 가봤는데 다이와홈즈가 가장 마음이 편했어요. 다른 두 곳도 친절했지만, 빠른 말은 물론외국인이라며 더 많은 서류를 요구했어요. 일어가 부족한 저의 입장에서는 배려가 조금은 부족하다는 느낌을 받았어요. 다이와홈즈는 일단 한국인 직원이 있어 마음이 놓였습니다. 거기에 일본인 담당자도 천천히 설명해 주시는 것은 기본이고 이해를 돕기위해 손동작 등을 사용하셨어요. 덕분에 순조롭게 괜찮을 집을 구했어요. 감사합니다.

Jeong, Korea


As my husband and I had to suddenly move from Tokyo to Osaka, without being able to speak Japanese, we were really struggling to get any housing agency to even reply to our emails. To make it worse, we were unable to go to Osaka to see the apartments for ourselves, so we had to put all our trust into an agency. When we found Daiwa Homes, we were hesitant at first as we had heard how companies who have English speaking staff can charge foreigners more. With Daiwa Homes, this turned out NOT to be the case! Our agent, Holly, was able to go to the apartment we selected and make a video for us. He was also very honest about the pros and cons of the apartment. We really appreciated his honesty and having been in the apartment now for a few weeks, and we are certain there was nothing kept from us. On top of this, their service was second to none. They went out of their way to cater towards our needs and certainly went above and beyond what they were being paid to do. I would certainly recommend Daiwa Homes to anybody and we are very grateful for all they did for us. Thank you! บริการดีมากๆเลยค่ะ ราคาถูก ภาษาญี่ปุ่นไม่ได้เลยไม่ใช่ปัญหา บริษัทจัดการให้ทุกอย่างเลยค่ะ เหมือนเป็นล่ามให้ด้วย พนักงานใจดีมากๆ บริการซะจนคิดว่าเกินกว่าที่จ่ายไปเลยค่ะ ตอบกลับอีเมลรวดเร็ว ชัดเจน มีตัวเลือกให้เยอะ มีคำแนะนำ ข้อดีข้อเสียของสถานที่ๆเราเลือก ตัวดิฉันไม่ได้ไปดูห้องของจริง แต่ทางบริษัทก็ขั

Stephen & Supapan, UK & Thailand


Daiwa Homes is the best real estate agency in Osaka. They provide excellent services to foreigners who are looking for the best accommodations to stay in Osaka. The staff are very friendly and helpful from the beginning till the end. Holly and Megan are amazing staff members who would find you a good deal within your budget. If you are looking for a real estate agency in Osaka, I highly recommend Daiwa Homes since they specialize in finding good deals for their clients. If you’ve decided to move to Osaka, definitely visit their office and you’ll find great deals. Thank you Holly! Thank you Megan!

Valentino, Malaysia


I cannot express how thankful we are for having found this company as well as a wonderful agent, Holly. My husband started a new job, needed to move into a new apartment and knows zero Japanese. Holly was very patient with him and very informative. After hearing the horror stories of foreigners being denied or having difficulties trying to find an apartment, I am glad ours had a happy ending! Thank you!!

Shante & Malik, USA


When I arrived in Osaka, I started my apartment hunting and was kinda disappointed by the limited number of choices and the quality of apartments for foreigners. Dirty rooms, shared houses with only one bathroom for 7 people… After three weeks, I finally contacted Daiwa Homes which was suggested by a Belgian friend. They were super effective, serious and professional. They helped me find a beautiful apartment, sign everything and move in within one week! Holly and his team were super professional and gave me a lot of advice. I have seen and lived in terrible apartments in Tokyo and Osaka. I cannot tell you all the bad stories (cockroaches, caught toxoplasmosis, a mass of hair under a bathtub, rats running on my roof and defecating inside my home) I have experienced in just a few words, but I think Japanese agencies simply treated me lightly or not seriously like a normal Japanese citizen. I saw them laughing and pretending to be serious in front of me, thinking I was not understanding Japanese nor the situation. I really feel Daiwa Homes is the best in Japan for foreigner so far. They treat you seriously, with respect, and in your interest rather than theirs.

Martin, France


After telling him my budget and priorities in our first meeting, Fraser came up with a very good list of units that we went and visited a few days later. I picked a place that day and Fraser took care of everything thereafter. He responded promptly to all of my emails and answered my many questions thoughtfully and thoroughly. Before moving to Japan, I was worried about finding a place to live. Fraser and Daiwa Homes made the process extremely easy. I barely had to do anything through the whole process. Most importantly, the apartment Fraser found for me was fantastic. If you’re moving to Japan and looking for a place to live, I highly recommend going with Daiwa Homes.

Andrew, USA


Hi Fraser, I want to thank you for all your help, from finding an apartment, to helping me set up an ATM account, to all the assistance you gave me when it was time to move out. I’m especially thankful you wired me my rent after I overpaid. I really appreciated the extra mile you put into your job. My time in Osaka would not be the same without you. I referred a friend of mine to your real estate agency. I highly recommended Daiwa Homes to her, and you in particular.

Erin, USA


The team at Daiwa Homes are at least 150% awesome. Coming fresh to Japan, no grasp of the language, no grasp of the street we were standing on, no grasp of the food I was putting in my mouth, we were very thankful to find that Daiwa Homes had a grasp on it all! They helped us with all aspects of daily life, from sorting our residents cards at the local ward office to recommending good places to eat. Most importantly, they are genuine, nice people.

Mel & Tyrone, New Zealand


Holly and Daiwa Homes really came through for my husband and me when we were moving to Japan. They stayed in contact with us from our first inquiry before we moved, until after we’d gotten settled in the PERFECT new apartment they found for us – it was even dog-friendly! They dealt with every situation and had us moved in to our new house in less than two weeks from when we landed.

Hannah, USA


When I was looking for a new apartment, my focus was on the apartment and not on the agent. When I did find a place I liked, I wasn’t expecting anything special from the agent. To my pleasant surprise, Koji was very willing to go the extra mile to meet my requirements. He was very honest in telling me about the good points and not so good points of any flat so that I could make a good decision easily. I would definitely recommend Daiwa Homes to anyone looking for a place to live.

Leo, Philippines


Daiwa Homes is an amazing, professional and efficient company and an immediate recommendation to anyone looking to move in or to Japan. Holly was extremely helpful, friendly and knowledgeable from the beginning. He helped me find a range of apartments that suited my criteria and also suggested even better. His initial support was outstanding and the aftercare and follow up was simply five star! I was super impressed with just how much he went out of his way to explain everything, answer all queries and make sure that the whole process was hassle free and perfect. I never knew that moving apartments could be so simple, easy and stress free. Suffice to say, I am extremely happy with my new apartment and Holly’s assistance. I have nothing but high praise for Daiwa Homes. Thank you very much!!

Zoë, England


Holly, Fraser and Megan have been an extremely helpful team. They helped me set everything up, were nice and friendly throughout the whole process, and went out of their way to help. It was such a relief to find someone who spoke English, especially with how strange Japanese bureaucracy can be for outsiders like me. I was happy to find such a great team. I have nothing but praise for Daiwa Homes!

Petr, Czech Republic


My experience looking for a place to live went better than I could have ever expected. This was my first time looking for a place in Japan and Holly really made it so easy. He made sure to show me several options until I found the one I was comfortable with. Once I had decided, he guided me through the entire process. There were a few hiccups along the way, but he made sure to help me get them sorted out. He made himself available, so I could conveniently ask questions. The end result, I had a great experience thanks to Holly.

Matt, USA


Daiwa Homes was very helpful, making my moving process as painless as possible. They gave detailed explanations and English translations of otherwise complicated paperwork and walked me through every step of the way. I really appreciate the continual help I receive from Holly, Fraser and Megan even after moving in, as English speaking support is hard to find. I would definitely recommend Daiwa Homes to anyone looking to move to Osaka.

Ivy, Canada


We had nothing but great experience working with Holly! My boyfriend and I were traveling with my sister and her cat to Japan as both of them were moving to Japan for several years. I was worried as I read that it would be extremely hard to find an apartment without speaking Japanese. In the end, even the trip from Kyoto to Tokyo was more complicated than finding an apartment! ? Holly took complete ownership of the process. I was in touch with him before we came to Japan – on our first day in Kyoto, we already went to visit several apartments! (Holly drove from Osaka and visited all of them with us!) He did his best to facilitate the process (as I wanted my sister and her cat move in before I leave Japan), found us a guarantor company and even helped us with resident registration! It is really difficult to imagine what we would have done without Daiwa Homes… Thank you so much for your work, understanding, caring, and extremely professional staff! Well done Holly, thanks a lot from all of us (including the cat of course)?

Anna, Michel & Yulia Ireland, France & Russia


If you are looking for housing in the Kansai area and aren’t sure where to begin, Daiwa Homes is an excellent place to start. The staff are extremely caring and helpful and always willing to give you a hand, even after you are settled into your new place. Their patience and understanding of the Kansai area made finding a home simple and easy. I highly recommend Daiwa Homes to anyone moving to Kansai!

Evan, USA


My experience with Daiwa Homes was great! Holly, Fraser and Koji were beyond helpful. I hoped for something very specific and they helped me find it. I had endless questions and favours to ask, and Holly was quick to answer and support me. Even after the contract was signed, Holly still helps me whenever I need something. I highly recommend this team for their speed, efficiency and friendliness. Thank you!

Yara, Egypt


We started out with another Osaka rental agency and were repeatedly disappointed by their disorganization and inability to bring us to see properties before they’d get scooped up by another renter. Working with Daiwa Homes was a complete turnaround. Holly and Fraser have incredible knowledge of the Osaka rental world, and they know how to make things happen on a moment’s notice. They never over-promised. They always over-delivered. And we ultimately found a new, spacious apartment for our family in a great location that’s better than anything we’d imagined possible. Thank you guys so much!

Andrew, USA


I’ve been incredibly pleased with Holly’s professionalism and dedication to myself as a client. He answered my emails promptly and courteously and made me feel as though I was being taken care of as a client. He found me an apartment that I love living in, and in my favorite part of Osaka as well! I highly recommend Holly and Daiwa Homes.

Chris, Canada


If you are a non-Japanese speaking person looking to rent a property in Osaka, speaking with a Daiwa Homes representative should definitely be the first on your to-do list. From the moment I first contacted them with my very tentative (and vague!) e-mail enquiry to the point when the keys to my new apartment were handed over to me, they were extremely helpful and informative through every step of the process. One learns to be very self-sufficient in their home country but you move to a foreign land, and everything is, well, just so foreign! Daiwa Homes help you overcome this without coming across the least bit patronising. They are client-focused and efficient, and I honestly have nothing but praises for them.

Rubina, England


My experience with Daiwa Homes has been excellent. They have helped make the process of finding an apartment as painless as possible. From the first day, the staff has been very communicative and flexible. We were able to specify exactly what we wanted in an apartment, such as location, price, size and the staff took care of the rest. I would highly recommend Daiwa Homes and my agent Holly to anyone looking for an apartment.

Mike, USA


It was my first time renting an apartment in Japan, and I was lucky to deal with Daiwa Homes. They explained everything to me in details and they were nice enough to show me so many choices till I could find the perfect apartment that suits my needs.



I’m very glad I contacted Daiwa Homes to find my current apartment. Holly was very helpful. He took me around Osaka and showed me several apartments that met my criteria. I’d recommend anyone who is looking for a new apartment to go to Daiwa Homes.

Sophie, Mauritius


I would recommend Daiwa Homes to anyone looking for an apartment. They are extremely friendly, professional, and efficient. From the moment I walked into their office, they greeted me kindly, offered me some delicious tea, and listened attentively to my apartment preferences. They showed me apartment profiles that matched my preferences and off we went to see them. They guided me through the application process step by step and provided me with an estimate at the beginning so there were no hidden fees nor misunderstandings. They take care of all the hard work of communicating with Japanese landlords and guarantor companies to ensure a fast and smooth process. Thanks to Daiwa Homes, I’m looking forward to moving into my dream apartment.

June, USA


As a newcomer to Japan with very limited Japanese skills, the process of renting an apartment can be extremely overwhelming and confusing, but Daiwa Homes made everything much, much easier. After finding several properties within my budget and in my preferred location, they were able to find the perfect place for me. The staff is very friendly, hardworking, and have gone out of their way to help, especially with providing Japanese language support. Even after the lease was finalized, Daiwa Homes staff has helped me out with any questions I’ve had about Japanese apartment life. I don’t know where I’d be without them!

Rachel, USA


Working with Holly at Daiwa Homes was such a simple and quick process. I originally had started contacting him when I was in the States with very specific needs at a very specific price point. Although it was a bit demanding, he made it work and was even able to show multiple listings at my price point, in my preferred area, and that met all my needs. I am so thankful for his and the company’s ongoing support even after I found a place and hope anyone in need of a new place either in Japan or outside will contact them ASAP.

Dustin, USA


With a large number of choices in Osaka and a good listening to my requests, Daiwa Homes staff helped me find my apartment exactly as expected, in the lower part of my given price range. I signed some English documents which were easy to understand, and Holly helped me set up electricity, internet, parking, etc. I highly recommend Daiwa Homes for a smooth, easy and quick renting!

Christophe, France


My experience with Daiwa Homes has been great! They helped me find the perfect apartment based on my budget, and they had the patience to deal with a picky client like me (Sorry, Holly!). They have foreign agents, so it’s easy to communicate with them. They translated some important documents to English and made sure everything went smoothly. They explained to me about the do’s and don’ts politely. They reply my messages quickly whenever I have questions, and they always explain things as clearly as possible. I would recommend Daiwa Homes to anyone, especially foreigners who have no experience of moving in Japan.

Fransiska, Indonesia


With Daiwa Homes you can rent the best apartment very quickly and easily. The staff members are super supportive and gladly help you with any problem. I’m very happy to be Daiwa Homes’ customer.

Ildar, Russia


Holly was very helpful and patient. He prepared several offers for me based on my search criteria and budget and even brought more offers after getting feedback from me. After I decided the place, he assisted me on all the procedures from beginning to end, so I highly recommend him and his company for anyone looking for accommodation in Osaka.

Burak, Turkey


My experience with the staff at Daiwa Homes has been nothing but positive. Being a foreigner moving to Japan along with a full-time student visa made the search for suitable accommodation a bit daunting. But I was surprised at the level of help, knowledge and patience I received. Even making a last minute change on my choice of apartment was no problem and handled to my complete satisfaction.

Roger, USA


Great experience renting a flat from Daiwa Homes! It was my first time in Osaka so I wasn’t familiar with the area at all, but everyone at Daiwa Homes was very friendly, took time to understand what I was looking for, and all the terms were well explained.

Tina, Hong Kong


Holly was really helpful in finding me an apartment that suited my needs. He was quick to answer questions about the apartment, surrounding area, and moving process in general. I’d happily recommend Daiwa Homes to any friends who need assistance finding an apartment in Osaka.

Lisa, Australia


Daiwa Homes is a lifesaver when it comes to moving to Osaka. They take care of everything from the paperwork to utilities and all the details in between. Holly was extremely friendly and personable, and in constant contact through various forms of communication giving updates and walking me through every part of the process of moving into a new apartment in Japan. He was always on my side looking to make sure I was completely satisfied with my new apartment, and that satisfaction was certainly met with the amazing apartment he found for me. I was surprised how simple and stress free the move to Osaka was thanks to Holly and Daiwa Homes.

Sam, Canada


Really friendly and helpful. Helped with all the Japanese documents and translations. Would definitely recommend them to any foreigner living in Japan!

Christine, Malta


The staff at Daiwa Homes is made up of incredibly friendly, reassuring and caring people. My fiancé and I feel very lucky to have come across this wonderful company. They reassured us when we were worrying about finding a pet-friendly apartment and let us know that they would try their hardest to accommodate us and they did! To this day we are still extremely grateful to have been helped by Holly, Fraser and other staff members. They went out of their way for us and we truly believe that no other company would have done as much as they did for us. They are genuinely kind and caring people. Thank you so much for everything!

Krysten and Yani, Canada

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