• Monthly Rent
    ¥ 52,000
  • Maintenance Fee
    ¥ 0
  • Deposit
    ¥ 52,000
  • Key Money
    ¥ 0
  • Layout
  • Floor
    4F / 5F
  • Property Size
  • Year Built
  • Nearest Station(s)
    Nagai (JR Hanwa Line) (10min)
    Nagai (Midosuji Line) (11min)
  • Prefecture
  • City / Ward
    Osaka-shi, Sumiyoshi-ku
  • Address
    Osaka-shi, Sumiyoshi-ku, Dairyo 4-4-10

-RENTAL- Renaissance Fuji 1DK


Who likes parks? Who likes sport stadiums large enough to house international soccer matches?? Who likes botanical gardens??? Who likes natural history museums???? Who likes Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil replicas????? Who likes being able to pick up their bike when Osaka city tows it away because you had too many one-cup Ozekis and forgot it outside a Seven-Eleven? Why are these questions in that weird, increasingly specific order? What is this? An interrogation?

No, but if you do like any or all of the above, then hold onto your pants! We’ve got just the neighbourhood for you! Nagai. Not quite Sakai, Nagai is like Tennoji’s slightly introverted roommate, who gets dragged out for girls night’s out, then sits at the bar not really talking to anyone while Tennoji gets hit on by all the guys, and some of the girls. Nothing wrong with Nagai, just sometimes gets overlooked by people who can’t see past Tennoji. In fact, if you take a good look, Nagai has a lot to offer.

Nagai is serviced by both Midosuji Subway, and the JR Hanwa Line. The park is huge, and full of stuff to do for families and of course dog-owners. The museum and botanical gardens are well worth multiple visits. Nagai stadium is home to Cerezzo Osaka Soccer club and hosts regular J1 fixtures as well as international games and performance artist concerts.

Now here is the good news! Even those of you who are not into the whole “outside world” thing. This apartment offers all the “inside “you need. Walls, floor, ceiling, windows which you can shut yourself in with. Lights which you can either turn on, so you can fully enjoy your inside experience, or turn off and sleep, or just sit and look at your phone all day. Great for long days in front of a computer screen, with the AC on full. Also nice and quiet for enjoying relaxing activities like, reading, meditation, and hangovers.

Great sized apartment, 10mins from Nagai station. No key money, no guarantor required, foreign-friendly English-speaking landlord and the apartment can be furnished if required.

Let us know when you would like to talk a look at the apartment and the neighbourhood.


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